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When Kollette embarked on her new venture, Re3 Massage and Wellness, Creative Square was tasked with strategizing and building her a brand that stood out in her crowded market. We came together to offer our Deluxe Branding Package, complete with logo design, brand strategy, brand guidelines, custom patterns, a stunning colour palette, a website, and essential brand collateral, so that all materials were cohesive across all mediums. Starting a new business is no small feat. To ease Kollette’s considerable workload, we gladly assumed responsibility for all her creative challenges, allowing her to concentrate on launching her company.

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Re3 Massage and Wellness Horizontal Green

We began with a comprehensive brand strategy, ensuring that Re3’s brand stood out and resonated with its audience. We maintained a strong commitment to consistency, as reflected in a harmonious colour scheme, meticulously chosen to mirror the soothing ambiance of the studio. Inspired by the studio’s tea green and sandy beige paint colours, we incorporated a dark green for contrast and a complementary purple to accentuate key elements on the website and marketing materials. This effort allowed us to craft a visual identity that seamlessly integrated with the studio’s physical environment, enhancing brand distinctiveness, and creating a sense of familiarity for clients.

RE3 Logo Mockup
RE3 Stationary Mockup
The essence of the Re3 logo and branding revolves around the very heart of the business – Rest, Relax, and Restore. This concept breathes life into the name, where every ‘R’ seamlessly interconnects with the number ‘3,’ symbolizing the essential unity of these three core elements. This idea of connectivity mirrors the connection of the therapist-client relationship, client comfort, the mind-body connection, and so much more. At the heart of the logo, a budding branch emerges from the ‘e,’ signifying growth, transformation, and the journey to a better state of being. This vibrant visual identity encapsulates the depth of Re3’s work, illustrating its commitment to holistic well-being, growth, and harmony.
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Re3 Massage and Wellness Website
In a competitive market brimming with websites that were organized and designed poorly, our primary challenge was making Re3’s services easily accessible to everyone. Our mission was straightforward: create a website where users could effortlessly book a massage, explore Re3’s services, read glowing reviews, and promptly access directions and contact information.
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Re3 Social Media
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Re3 Massage and Wellness Edmonton Whyte Ave Swedish Massage

Our collaboration with Re3 Massage and Wellness has produced outstanding results, evident in the glowing Google reviews and the overwhelmingly positive feedback received by Kollette. With a website that efficiently attracts and engages new customers and a brand that radiates in its distinctiveness, we’ve ensured that Re3 stands out with confidence and charm. If you’re seeking a transformation like this for your business, look no further. Contact Creative Square today and embark on your journey to a remarkable brand identity and digital presence. Your business deserves to shine just as brightly as Re3.

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“Keegan is absolutely phenomenal at what he does – which is everything you could ever think of or need with regards to your companies outright design and web developing needs!

The thought process and inquiry that goes into determining who you are, who your company is and what you stand for is a stepping stone that Keegan refuses to cut corners in, to create the most You concepts and logos for your company.

My favourite and most adored part of his process was that he took full creative control of my companies direction and I couldn’t be more thankful. It’s the best part. In getting to know me, he understood the ideas that I was interested in and then he not only provided exactly what I wanted and needed, he surpassed it.

Keegan is exceptional at his craft and meticulous in the building up of his ideas. Every compliment that I get to my colour scheme, logo, website, and adverts, I tell them Keegan at Creative Square is behind it all. Thank you Keegan!! Truly indebted in gratitude.”

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Kollette Kemp
Owner, Re3 Massage and Wellness

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