Mind Over Everything

Branding, Print, Website

A path to transformation.

We are excited to present our collaboration with Paula Oness of Mind Over Everything, who provides exceptional hypnotherapy services in Calgary, Alberta.

Paula helps others achieve their goals faster and easier than ever by using the Law of Attraction with Meditation, Slegtenian Hypnosis, NLP, and Binaural music to help guide the participant to their ultimate version of success.

Our work with Paula involved a comprehensive approach, encompassing logo design, brand development, business cards, and a stunning website.

As we delved into researching Paula’s industry, we observed a prevalent trend among her competitors: blue and green earthy tones dominated their brand identities. To set Paula apart from the crowd, we decided to take a bold step in a different direction.

Inspired to create a unique and memorable brand, we opted for a vibrant colour palette featuring blue, pink, and purple hues. By deviating from the traditional earthy tones, we aimed to differentiate Mind Over Everything and infuse it with energy and playfulness. This decision laid the foundation for an impactful brand identity that stands out in a somewhat populated market.

Previous Logo
Our journey began with the creation of an eye-catching logo that embodies the essence of Mind Over Everything. At Creative Square, we pay meticulous attention to detail, infusing deeper meaning into our designs. Paula uses binaural music within her sessions so we integrated audio wave lengths into the logo, forming a brain-like structure that represents the connection between binaural music and the subconscious mind in hypnotherapy. This thoughtful incorporation captures the essence of Paula’s services and creates a memorable visual identity that sets her brand apart.

Building on the strength of the logo, we proceeded to develop a cohesive brand identity for Mind Over Everything. We meticulously incorporated the new logo and colour scheme into the design of business cards, ensuring that every interaction with Paula’s brand leaves a lasting impression. The vibrant colours and attention to detail on these business cards reflect the energy and professionalism of Mind Over Everything.

In addition to the captivating business cards, we went a step further to enhance Paula’s networking capabilities. We designed a custom QR code that seamlessly integrates with her brand identity. This QR code, when scanned, automatically saves Paula’s contact information and acts as a wallpaper on her phone. It provides a convenient and innovative way for people to easily access and save her contact details, ensuring effortless connectivity with potential clients and business partners.

And finally, we created a dynamic website for Mind Over Everything, serving as a digital gateway to the world of hypnotherapy. The website features a clean layout, intuitive navigation, and compelling content, inviting potential clients to explore Paula’s expertise and services. Additionally, we integrated a user-friendly booking and payment system, effortlessly syncing with Paula’s Google Calendar, freeing up her time to focus on her business. This comprehensive solution optimizes the client experience, allowing seamless scheduling and payment while showcasing the transformative effects of hypnotherapy. 

We continuously strive to deliver innovative web design and development solutions that elevate our clients’ brands and empower their businesses.

At Creative Square, we take immense pride in the work we have accomplished for Paula Oness and Mind Over Everything. Our collaboration highlights the power of design in setting a brand apart and establishing genuine connections with its audience. It’s a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering transformative results.